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Essential Business Intelligence for Healthcare Providers


Your patients, employees, and physicians want a smooth-running hospital, but you can’t fix problems until you know where they exist. With TenX Healthcare’s Hawthorne™, you’ll know what’s going on right now.

Old Way: Manual, Untimely and Biased

Patient location data manually-entered when time is available, leading to possible communication delays or omissions, inefficiency and staff and patient frustration.

Hawthorne Way: Automated, Real-time and Unbiased

Patient location is automatically collected via a low-cost, disposable addition to your existing wristband, resulting in real-time actionable insights, increasing efficiency and staff and patient satisfaction.  Our business intelligence systems provide the insights necessary to conserve resources and reduce labor costs.

Armed with real-time, unbiased and automated data, our clients can take simple steps to dramatically increase patient capacity and generate higher revenue.


Hawthorne updates family members on their loved one’s progress through the surgical process – from pre-op to post-op and recovery – via real-time SMS or email notifications delivered to any device anywhere in the world.


Hawthorne delivers proactive notifications of on-time or delayed patient surgery status. Doctors can more efficiently control their schedule, better coordinate team functions, and drive improved revenue opportunities.


Hawthorne helps nurses take charge of O.R. workflow. By automating time-consuming tasks, like charting patient location, nurses can spend more time caring for patients and managing the surgical suite environment.


Hawthorne speaks your language. Decision makers across Perioperative Leadership, Audit and Compliance, and Business Operations achieve greater visibility of key KPIs across the perioperative suite.

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